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CSI Submitting Meet Results

This policy is a further description of what is in the current Policies and Procedures.

All meet results shoulkd be e-mailed to (We hope you send it to us at as well) and your League webmaster. The file must be a Meet Manager Backup File ONLY. In the opening screen of Meet Manager click on file then backup and send that file for processing. DO NOT send a results for Team Manager export file as these will not be accepted.

 In the Meet Setup the meet name must start with the current year followed by the LSC Code (CO) and the meet name. The Location must be the City, State. The start date, end date, age up date and elevation must also be entered.

Example:         2011 CO CSI LC State Championships
                       Fort Collins, Colorado
                       07/25/11           07/29/11
                       07/25/11           4984

In Meet Set up the next item will be Report Preferences. Under Teams check �Show 2nd club with primary team. Click on Report Headers and fill in the information for each header that is listed. Header 1: This will be the same as the meet name exactly as shown in the beginning set up screen.

Header 2: This must be the name of the pool and the meet referee.
Sanction #: This is where the sanction number for your meet goes. Please make sure that the correct sanction number for your meet is entered here.

Example:           2011 CO CSI LC State Championships
                         EPIC Pool � Meet Referee Name

Under the Teams tab you will need to add a team for the Unattached swimmers if there are any in your meet. Do not use the default UNAT that is already there. There shall be a Team with a code of UN and the appropriate LSC Code for unattached athletes one for each LSC represented at the meet.

Example:     Team Abbr: UN
                   Full Team Name: Unattached Colorado
                   LSC � CO
                   Team Abbr: UN
                   Full Team Name: Unattached Wyoming
                   LSC � WY

All unattached athletes will be moved to the appropriate unattached club and their 2nd club shall show the team they are swimming with if they are going to be attaching to another team. Example: In the athlete browser an athlete entered as USTARS shall be moved to UN-CO and the 2nd club will be entered as STAR. Remember to check the box for this when you set up your meet or you will not be able to enter the 2nd club in this screen.

Relays: All relays must be declared. There will be no exceptions. Relays that do not have the swimmers declared will be deleted from the final database before posting.

Any swims that are marked as Exhibition will be deleted from the database as Colorado Swimming does not recognize exhibition swims. Make sure that there are no checks in the exhibition box in the run screen of Meet Manager when you send in the results for processing.