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Welcome to the Colorado Swimming Community Based Web Site. It is the oldest USA Swimming site and also the most technologically advanced. The Colorado Swimming site is reaching the world providing swimming news, Officials training, and most importantly Meet Results and Athlete Performance Tracking from meets run with Hy-Tek's Meet Manager going back to 1993. The Colorado Swimming site has won praise from all parts of the swimming community. If your LSC is not on the web yet or is in it's planning stages we offer volunteer help in getting tools and information together. So browse around and enjoy!!!

Database Functions are using SQL Server 2008. All site code is being developed with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. Reporting by Hy-Tek Meet Manager 4.0 and Stored by LSCPro. For the best in up to date Swimming Software written by people in the swimming community for the swimming community go to the  Software Page.

In 2010 Colorado Swimming Inc. abandonned this site and a group of volunteers took it over to continue providing the vast richness of tools for athletes and parents. Your support of this site is appreciated.  Look for the new page on how you can contribute to the increasing support we receive from the swimming community.  Emails and phone calls have been flooding our corporate office since we brought the site back online and started updating it.  Since the LSC no longer funds this website we had to go to a community support model much like Public Radio, if you are interested in contributing please see the home page.  You can contact us at 970-325-7961, or Lornet, PO Box 1495, Ouray, CO 81427

About the logo: The Sheriff style logo The Lornet designed Colorado Swimming logo from 1995 and the banner image were designed and is the Copyrighted property of Lorimer Network Research who released it to the Public Domain. The logo came about because at one point in the 1990's USA Swimming asked Colorado Swimming, Inc. not to use the Speedo logo which all LSC's had because of a partner agreement that Colorado Swimming, Inc had with Arena which violated the usage requirements of the old logo. Lornet designed the new logo for the CSI web site and it has since appeared on coffe mugs, clothing and much more. It has become the symbol for Competitive Swimming in Colorado and is why it was released to the Public Domain for free use of it and it's use cannot be controled by any party. So please feel free to email us if you want the artwork to use to promote swimming in Colorado.  If anyone contacts you stating you need to sign a release form it is bogus and unlawful, the artwork is in the Public Domain and Copyright belongs to Lorimer Network Research, Inc. You are free to use it to benifit swimming in Colorado.

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