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CSI Web Site FAQ

What determines which meet results are posted first?

Several things need to be done before meet results are posted.
  1. Meet Results need to be submitted by the host team to CSI. Instructions for this can be found on the Meet Submission Page. Results must be a meet manager backup file.
  2. The meet results need to be verified and the exceptions report needs to be clean in order to finalized results. This sometimes takes some time if results are sent in with exception. The Times Coordinator works with the host team to resolve these.
  3. If during the meet, new swimmers were registered to CSI Swimming, the CSI office needs to receive the money for the registration before the results can be finalized. 
  4. Once the meet results are finalized, the results are posted on the web site and the meet results data is loaded into our extensive database. 
  5. Also per the sanction packet information Host Teams still do need to send the sanction chair a hard copy of results signed by the meet referee.

Why is it taking so long for my meet results to be posted?

These are some of the issues that delay the posting of meets:

  1. Host Teams don’t submit results in a timely fashion (a couple of weeks after the meet)
  2. Host Teams submit the results in the incorrect format. We need the results to be a meet manager backup file. (That file looks like a database file (i.e. *.mdb) which is zipped. Not a .cl2 file which is zipped.)
  3. Host teams do not respond in a timely manner when there are corrections that need to be verified by them before they can be cleared for posting.
  4. Relays are not declared in the meet results.
  5. Meets are submitted with a lot of highlights.
  6. We are waiting for CSI registration money from the host team for any swimmer who is a deck entry. Posting results in a correct and speedy manner is our goal. If you have more questions, you can visit the meet processing page of our web site.

How do I get results from out of state meet posted on the website and the results into the colorado swim results database?

No problem. Please just send the Meet Manager Back Up file to Some states, like California, do not use Meet Manager and that is why we are unable to post the results of some of the California meets. If you do the leg work for these out of state meets and find that Meet Manager file, we would be more than happy to post the results!